1. What is the Health Care Services Board?

The Health Care Services Board (HCSB) is a 14 member advisory group established by state law and appointed by the Director who represent a variety of professions treating work related injuries. By statute, the Board is made up of the following representatives: an ex-officio Chair, six physician representatives, one physical therapy representative, one chiropractic representative, one dentist representative, one employee representative, one employer representative, one public representative and one hospital administrator representative.

2. Are Board Members Reimbursed?

No, members of the HCSB volunteer their services.

3. Does the HCSB Select Physicians and Practitioners for the DIA's Impartial Physician roster?

No, the Board neither appoints nor removes physicians or practitioners from the Department of Industrial Accident's (DIA) impartial roster. The DIA's senior judge has jurisdiction over the impartial unit. Under the statutory mandate MGL c.152 § 8(4) and § 11A, the HCSB has the responsibility to develop the eligibility criteria in order to select and maintain the impartial physician roster.

4. Does the HCSB set the medical reimbursement rates for workers' compensation providers?

No, medical rates are set by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services