TO: Insurers, Self-Insurers, Workers' Compensation Agents Of Departments Of The Commonwealth And Counties, Cities, Towns And Districts Subject To Chapter 152 Of The Massachusetts Generald Laws, And Other Interested arties

FROM: Office Of The Commissioner

RE: Guidelines For Disfigurement And Losses-Of-Function Under Chapter 152, § 36

DATE: April 24, 1992

Attached are the updated Departmental Guidelines calculating benefits for disfigurement and losses-of-function under MGL c. 152, § 36. Specifically, guidelines for "disfigurements other than scars" are reinserted in this edition.

The Department will use these Guidelines for all injuries occurring on or after December 24, 1991. These Guidelines supercede those distributed in Circular Letter No. 263 on February 7, 1992.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the conciliation unit at 617-727-4900.

Guide for Calculating Loss of Function pdf format of Guide for Calculating Loss of Function

Guide for Calculating Disfigurement, other than Scarring pdf format of 36_non_scar_disfigurement.pdf

Guide for Calculating Purely Scar-Based Disfigurements pdf format of 36_scar_based_disfigurement.pdf