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TO: All Interested Parties

FROM: Henry J. Swiniarski, Commissioner & James L. LaMothe, Senior Judge

RE: Electronic Mail Notices for All DIA Proceedings

DATE: December 19, 2006

The Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) is moving forward with several projects that will enhance our on-line services and E-government solutions. We do this to streamline the dispute resolution process and create a work environment that is both efficient and user-friendly for our staff and more importantly our constituents.

To that end, the DIA is currently testing a system by which all parties required to appear or receive notices of proceedings before the DIA will be notified via e-mail. The addition of on-line notices is a precursor to our Document Management System which will utilize advanced technology to substantially reduce our need to maintain paper files. Using well-established methods of electronic communication, namely e-mail, is part of our logical progression toward a more highly developed system that will enable the DIA to better serve you.

The DIA is currently testing the e-mail notice system and is expecting to have it on-line by late January or early February of 2007. In advance of that date, we are asking that all parties that receive notices from the DIA enroll in our e-mail notice program by filling out the requisite form on our web-site at:

This link will be updated and available by Friday, December 22, 2006. At that time, all parties may begin submitting the required information to begin the e-mail notice process.

As of March 1, 2007, the DIA will require that all attorneys, insurers, third party administrators, vocational rehabilitation providers, etc. submit a valid e-mail address for the purpose of receiving all notices. An exception will be made for claimants that do not have access to e-mail. This exception will apply to claimants only.

Below is a list of the notices that will be sent via e-mail only as of March 1, 2007 (with the noted exception):

Conciliation Notice
Conciliation Withdrawal
Conference Notice
Lump Sum Conference Notice
Sec. 46A Notice
400 Day No Fee Notice to Appellant
Sec. 10A Conf. No Fee (400 Day) Notice
Impartial Physician Exam Notice
Rescheduled Impartial Physician Exam Notice
Hearing Notice
Pre-transcript Conference Notice
Panel Assignment Notice
Oral Argument Notice
Form 105 (Extend Pay-without-prejudice period) Approval Notice
Form 113 (Agreement to Pay Comp.) Approval Notice
Initial Interview Meeting Notice (for Voc. Rehab. out of state party)
Determination of Suitability (Voc. Rehab.)
Determination of Provider (Voc. Rehab.)