Advisory Council Meeting Minutes - January 9, 2002

Division of Industrial Accidents

7th Floor Conference Room

600 Washington Street

Boston, MA 02111

Chairman: William H. Carnes

Vice Chairman: Edmund C. Corcoran, Jr.

Present: Vice-Chairman Edmund C. Corcoran, Jr. CM: Stephen Sampson; Alan S. Pierce; Carol Falcone.

Also Present: DIA: Commissioner Griffin; Deputy Commissioner Conant; Senior Judge O'Shea; Jerome Shea; Jim Hayes; Bill Taupier; George Sutcliffe and Erin Ayes (Standard News); Karen Wager (WCRIB).

Advisory Council Staff: Andrew Burton; Ann Helgran.

Absent: Chairman William H. Carnes. CM: Jeanne-Marie Boylan; Antonio Frias; Robert Banks; Richard Lord (Tom Jones); Bruce Cochrane; Department of Labor & Workforce Development; John Perry; Frank Fanning; Department of Economic Development.


DIA Update

Action Items

Minutes - December, 2001


Vice Chairman Corcoran conducted today's meeting.

DIA Update

Senior Judge O'Shea updated Council Members on current judicial statistics. Conference Queue: 1,416; Hearing Queue: 1,818; Reviewing Board Inventory: 169; Impartial Exams: 2,151 (52 waivers).

Vice Chairman Corcoran inquired as to the status of judicial appointments and if there had been any action relevant to the reimbursement issue for impartial physicians.

Senior Judge O'Shea stated that the Governor's Council would vote for the reappointment of two judges today. However, the new judicial appointments and reappointment of other judges at this point is still status quo. Senior Judge O'Shea further implied that the fee issue was also status quo. Although he has been actively recruiting physicians, and has been able to sign up six doctors, there are presently only 221 doctors on the impartial list. He emphasized the need to restructure rates for impartial physicians.

Vice Chairman Corcoran agreed that the rates were low and needed to be addressed. He stated that the Council would support the Senior Judge in his endeavor to increase fees.

Stop Work Orders

Mr. Shea updated Council Members on the stop work orders statistics. Total Investigations for December: 526; Total SWO's Issued: 133; Total Fines Collected: $21,841.00; Total Fines Billed: $13,900.00.

Personnel Issues

Mr. Shea also addressed the personnel statistics. As of December 2001 the personnel number was 306.50. There have been no changes since the last meeting.

Mr. Hayes spoke on the AA (personnel) Budget. He noted that the Budget was restored to $18.5M and of that $18.2M is uncommitted but that the AA was overloaded to $7.8M to cover retirements. At this time, the projected payroll budget would be $6.7 without retirements. After the cutoff date of February 15th for retirement, The DIA will better be able to assess the personnel budget and be able to transfer money from that account.

Assessment Audit

Mr. Shea stated that that there were no changes from last month. He then referred to the article in the Massachusetts Agent that had been included in Council Members' packets (attached to minutes). He noted that the DIA would not be pursing any legal option and he did not foresee any problem regarding the remittance from Eastern Casualty. Vice Chairman Corcoran thanked the members of the Department for their input.

Action Items

Vice Chairman Corcoran asked for a motion to accept the December 2001 minutes.

Motion made to accept the minutes.

MMS - passed.

Vice Chairman Corcoran then referred to the draft Advisory Council Annual Report that had been included in Council Members' packets. He asked Mr. Burton to comment on its contents. Mr. Burton advised Council Members that their Annual Report had been drafted for Council Members' input. He requested that they review the report and encouraged Council Members' feedback before January 25, 2002.

Advisory Council Minutes - January 2, 2002 3


Mr. Burton told Council Members that Ms. Lucciola had asked him to mention the retirement of Mr. Lou Connelly and to suggest that the March 13th meeting be held in Lawrence.

Mr. Burton informed Council Members that Mr. Robert Matthews, Worcester Regional Director of the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, will be representing the Department of Economic Development as an Ex-Officio member of the Advisory Council. Mr. Matthews will be attending the next Council Meeting in February.

Vice Chairman Corcoran had attended the Oracle Steering Committee meeting and referred to the Minutes of the meeting (attached). He praised Mr. Hayes and his team for their work on the Oracle project.

Vice Chairman Corcoran also mentioned that Dr. Michael J. Follick was planning to attend the February meeting.

Vice Chairman Corcoran asked for a motion to adjourn.

Motion made to adjourn.

MMS - passed.

Meeting adjourned 10:30 a.m.

The next regular meeting of the Advisory Council: February 13, 2002 at 9:00 AM, Division of Industrial Accidents, 7th Floor Conference Room, and 600 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111.