Career Readiness Initiative

The Career Readiness Initiative is a statewide, multi-agency effort to increase the educational attainment of Massachusetts’ residents and eventually assist in the securing of a desirable career. There are three main components to the Career Readiness Initiative. Currently, we are deploying Career Ready 101, which is the first stage of the Career Readiness Initiative.

Career Ready 101 is an online, remediation tool for hard and soft skills, resume builder, and career exploration tool which has the ability to assess and pair competencies, interests and skill level to suggest jobs. The Reading for Information, Applied Math, and Locating Information lessons are the foundations of Career Ready 101. However, it is the entire package of tools which we believe will aid in educating and employing the future workforce of MA!

Updates and Events - January 2016

Statewide CRI Meetings, Community Colleges, October, 2015

Statewide CRI Meetings, Career Centers, October, 2015

Statewide CRI Meetings, ABE Programs, October, 2015