Career Ready 101 Lessons

Career Ready 101 is a self-paced, adaptive, online remediation system with additional features, such as a resume builder, career exploration by category and skill level, interest survey, calendar to view assignments, and a portfolio of all a student’s work on Career Ready 101. The learning modules are separated into three categories: (1) Finding Your Career, (2) KeyTrain Workplace Skills, and (3) ACT Soft Skills Suite. Career Ready 101 licenses are site-based and each site can have an unlimited number of users.

View Learning Modules within CR101 image (this image lists all of the learning modules within the three categories stated above

Accessing Reports and Exports on Career Ready 101


Creating a student, instructor, & class


Assign lessons to class & student

All videos shared with permission from Sarah Harkleroad, Director at YMCA International Learning Center in Boston.