1. How do I get my Career Ready 101 license?
    1. If your organization has been selected to participate in the Career Readiness Initiative, you must submit your Career Readiness Initiative User Agreement in order to receive a Career Ready 101 license.  The User Agreement is composed of two documents: (1) Terms and Conditions and (2) Project Plan.  Both documents must be completed and signed by an authorized signatory, and emailed to careerreadiness@state.ma.us. Once your User Agreement has been received and accepted, you will receive one email from the Career Readiness Initiative team and two emails from ACT. If you are a Career Readiness initiative partner site and have submitted the User Agreement, yet have not received these emails within 48 hours of submission, please email careerreadiness@state.ma.us.
  2. I cannot find the Career Readiness Initiative User Agreement.  Where can I get blank project plan and/or Terms and Conditions documents?
    1. Project Plan Form  doc format of Project Plan Form 
& Terms and Conditions  docx format of Terms and Conditions 
. Please contact careerreadiness@state.ma.us with any questions.
  1. Where do I login to my Career Ready 101 account?
    1. Go to login.careerready101.com – it is useful to bookmark this in your web browser or add it to your favorites.
  2. Who do I contact if I have a problem with my Career Ready 101 account?
    1. For Career Ready 101 account support, please call (877) 842-6205, email support@keytrain.com, or use ACT's online contact form.

Support hours are (Central Time Zone):
Monday through Friday – 8 am to 8 pm
Saturday – 9 am – 3 pm

This information is also on your Career Ready 101 dashboard. Click on Support in the upper right corner of your screen. 

  1. Does NCRC correlate to the HiSET, TABE, or any other test?
    1. The NCRC does not correlate to any other test. The NCRC is designed to test a very specific set of “real world” skills that employers believe are essential to job success. HiSET, TABE, and other assessments were created to evaluate different skill sets. As a result, they do not assess the same things thus scores achieved on one exam do not directly correlate to a NCRC level.

NCRC Detail pdf format of NCRC Detail
NRS Test Benchmarks for Educational Functioning Levels  pdf format of NRS Test Benchmarks for Educational Functioning Levels
WKs Crosswalk to DOL, TABE, CASAS  pdf format of WKs Crosswalk to DOL, TABE, CASAS

  1. Can I use ACT Career Ready 101 to teach English?
    1. It is not intended to be used as a tool to teach English. It can be a helpful tool to supplement other English-learning programs but should not be used to teach English.
  2. What does a WorkKeys score mean?
    1. After you take a WorkKeys exam, look for your free Skill Report. The Skills Report will contain your score level and scale score.


Account Set-Up

  1. What are the differences among the three types of accounts? Who should get which account type? 
    1. Administrator – Administrator accounts can create other administrator, instructor and student accounts, create classes, and assign lessons, take lessons, set organizational options, restrict course access, view and print reports, export and import data, search WorkKeys job profiles and other career information. The administrator account may also restrict certain options for instructors (such as creating student accounts) and students (such as editing their own account).
    2. Instructor – Instructors can edit their own account information, create student accounts and classes, assign lessons, view and print reports, set class lesson options, take lessons, view and print student and class reports, export data on classes and search WorkKeys job profiles.
      Instructors cannot create other administrator or instructor accounts, import data, or set the options for the organization.
    1. Student – Student accounts can take lessons, change their account information (e.g. change their password), view their own progress reports, explore careers, take the O*NET Interest Profiler, create a resume with the Resume Builder, check their calendar of assignments, open classroom documents and view their portfolio.