The Massachusetts Department of Career Services (DCS) and the Department of Labor Standards (DLS), in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Foreign Labor Certification, administer the Agricultural Prevailing Wage and Prevailing Practice Surveys. The survey is primarily administered by the DLS’s Statistics Program with DCS oversight. The results of the survey are used for the implementation of the Agricultural Recruitment System and H-2A Visa Program. In particular, the data assists in ensuring that both U.S. and foreign workers receive fair and equitable treatment. These surveys are the building blocks by which wages and benefits levels are determined for the agricultural workforce. Click here for more information about the H-2A Temporary Agricultural Program.

If you have any questions about the agricultural prevailing wage, job orders, or the H-2A Visa Program, please contact:

Jose Ocasio
State Monitor Advocate



Migrant Seasonal Farmworker and Unified Workforce Investment Complaint System Training Sessions 
Updated 5-8-15

Services to Migrant & Seasonal Farmworkers 2015-04-30  pdf format of Services to Migrant & Seasonal Farmworkers 2015-04-30
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MSFW Desk Aid 2015-10  pdf format of MSFW Desk Aid 2015-10
ARS-workers' Brochure 2012  rtf format of ARS-workers' Brochure 2012 
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FLC Programs 2012  doc format of FLC Programs 2012
Unified Workforce Investment Complaint System  ppt format of Unified Workforce Investment Complaint System
Quick Reference Guide 2012  doc format of Quick Reference Guide 2012
Handout 2012 ENG  doc format of Handout 2012 ENG
Equal Opportunity Complaint Guidelines  doc format of Equal Opportunity Complaint Guidelines
Ag Job Orders Options  pdf format of Ag Job Orders Options
Farms & Workers 2012 USDA  pdf format of Farms & Workers 2012 USDA
Field Sanitation Requirements  pdf format of Field Sanitation Requirements
Major Ag Laws - 2015  pdf format of Major Ag Laws - 2015