National Emergency Grants (NEG) are federal grants, which provide funds to assist workers affected by major economic dislocations such as workforce reductions and company closings. The grants are written for specific industries, companies or clusters of companies that are closing or implementing downsizing initiatives of significant proportion.
NEG services are designed to provide timely, targeted, innovative approaches in response to significant dislocation events. NEG programs, in unison with the One-Stop Career Center System and partner agencies work with local business communities to help meet the needs of businesses by assisting workers to develop the skills required by specific employers, occupations and industries.
Who is eligible?
National Emergency Grants (NEG) benefit dislocated workers who have lost their jobs due to layoff or company closure. NEG customers are employees of the companies named in the specific grant who have been laid off or who have received notice of impending layoff. Information about NEG projects in operation and the companies that they serve is available at all One Stop Career Centers in Massachusetts.
What does the program offer?
NEGs provide creative, customer-oriented programs and services designed to help dislocated workers successfully transition to new employment and in some cases new careers. Services are tailored to the individual, and may include assessment, career counseling, basic education (including English for Speakers of Other Languages), occupational training and job search/placement assistance. NEG services are designed to produce high-quality earnings and employment outcomes, including career ladder employment for NEG customers. In order to achieve these outcomes some dislocated workers may need occupational training to supplement or supplant skills that are associated with declining occupations/industries. For these customers, training programs are available at no cost through the Massachusetts Individual Training Account program.
How to apply?
Individuals who have lost their jobs due layoff or company closing should inquire about the availability of NEG services at any local One-Stop Career Center.
Other information
Massachusetts operates a statewide vouchering component; therefore employees from the NEG subject companies who reside in areas of the state apart from the location of the NEG Operator may receive NEG funded services from any One-Stop Career Center in Massachusetts.
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