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MassBizWorks Connects businesses to state and federal resources to help businesses through different business cycles.

Massachusetts BizWorks  is a federal and state collaboration designed to enhance and align the services offered to Massachusetts businesses. It simplifies and coordinates efforts among agencies that work with businesses.  You don't have to contact multiple agencies to take advantage of the Commonwealth's resources.  Just contact BizWorks, and you'll be connected to a variety of services.

Company Resources for Business Growth or Expansion

Even as your company is growing and expanding, we have programs and services to help further enhance your company's growth and bottom line.  

Company Resources for Business Maintenance

If you have a small to mid-sized companies and do not anticipate changes to your workforce or business in the near future, you may still want to look into programs that could help you stay competitive or enhance your bottom line. 

Company Resources for Business Downsizing

Unfortunately, businesses sometimes get caught in a down cycle due to unforeseen circumstances. Programs and services are available to help avert the difficult decision of laying off employees or closing a facility. Timing is key - please contact us before you lay off employees.