Massachusetts One-Stop Career Center Campaign

Campaign theme:  We connect people with jobs
Campaign call-to-action: and 877 US 2 JOBS
Outreach Period:  June to August

Results of Customer Survey (pre-campaign)
Job Seeker Online Survey pdf format of Job Seeker Survey - Pre-Campaign 2014
Focus Group pptx format of Focus Group Results - April 2014

  Photos of the EOLWD MBTA Ad Campaign  pdf format of Photos of the EOLWD MBTA Ad Campaign
file size 3MB

Outreach initiatives:

1. Digital Billboards – June to July

  • 62 Digital Billboards in 21 towns and cities across the Commonwealth
  • Majority of billboards will feature the tagline in English and Spanish
  • Fall River, Brockton, and New Bedford billboards will feature the tagline in English and Portuguese

     Billboard Locations  xls format of Billboard Locations
| Billboard Sign English-Spanish  jpg format of Billboard Sign English-Spanish
| Billboard Sign English-Portuguese  jpg format of Billboard Sign English-Portuguese


2. Advertising on MBTA – June to August

3. Monster Banner Advertising – June to July

  • Animated ad will be displayed when job seekers  search for jobs in Massachusetts

  • Monster Ad  gif format of Monster Ad


4. Videos

5. Flyer inserted with UI mailing to new claimants

6. Poster
     24x18 poster english spanish  pdf format of 24x18 poster english spanish
| 24x18 poster english portuguese  pdf format of 24x18 poster english portuguese


7. PC Screen


Distribution of campaign materials:

The following materials will be distributed at the Career Center meeting on May 30.

  • 3 posters
  • DVD of long video in English and possibly the Spanish version if is completed in time.

Latest version of One-Stop logo:  OSCC Logo with AJC  png format of OSCC Logo with AJC


If you have ideas on how to use these materials, or if you need additional materials, please contact Yean-Ai Long at