Laws We Enforce

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination is committed to the eradication of all forms of discrimination. We are responsible for enforcing the Commonwealth's anti-discrimination laws in order to protect, preserve, and enhance the civil rights of its citizens. Applicable laws include, M.G.L. 151B, the state's primary civil rights law regarding discrimination in employment, housing, credit and mortgage lending, M.G.L. 272Section 92ASection 98 and Section 98A ,the public accommodations civil rights law, M.G.L. 151B Sec. 3A, the sexual harassment law, M.G.L. 149 Sec 105D, the Parental Leave law, M.G.L. 151C, the civil rights and education law, and  M.G.L. 111 Sec. 199A, the lead paint law.


Under M. G. L. c. 151B §3(5), the MCAD is afforded the authority to make and amend regulations suitable for carrying out the applicable provisions. 804 CMR 1.00 governs the procedure and practice before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in all matters arising out of its statutory authority.