Massachusetts Civil Rights Law

Massachusetts Civil Rights law prohibits discrimination in these areas:

  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Public accommodations
  • Mortgage, lending, and credit businesses

Here are guides and resources to help you understand Massachusetts Civil Rights Law in relation to job applicants, employees, tenants, loan applicants and consumers.

Additionally, for more information on how to withdraw your case, please visit the Filing a Motion, Appeal or Withdrawal page. 

Electronic Position Statement Pilot Program

The MCAD has launched a new initiative state-wide to accept electronic submissions of Position Statements from respondents represented by counsel. Attorneys may submit position statements via email to the addresses below. Please include the docket number in the subject line of the email and in the file name of the PDF. 

All position statements must be: 

  1. Signed by counsel 
  2. Include the signed sworn affirmations of all Respondents. 
  3. Submitted in PDF format; and 
  4. Cannot exceed 15 MB in size. 

MCAD regulation 804 C.M.R. §1.10 (8)(c) also requires respondents to serve printed copies of the position statement to the Complainant(s). Additionally, attorneys must retain an original copy of the position statement to provide the MCAD upon request. Multiple email submissions are permissible, so long as the docket number appears in subject line of each email and the file name of each file attached.

Boston cases:

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New Bedford cases: Coming Soon

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