Public Accommodation

Massachusetts civil rights law prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation including:

  • Hotels or other places of lodging
  • Restaurants or bars
  • Theatres, sports stadiums, or other places of entertainment
  • Stores or other retail establishments
  • Service establishments, such as laundromats, gas stations, lawyers or accountants
  • Hospitals, medical and dental offices, and other health care facilities
  • Transportation providers or stations
  • Museums, libraries, or other places of public display
  • Parks, gyms, beaches, or other places of recreation
  • Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions
  • Child care centers, senior citizen centers, and other social service establishments
  • Public streets and highways
  • Public spaces such as court rooms and polling places

Lending & Credit Businesses

Massachusetts civil rights law also prohibits discrimination in the mortgage, lending, and credit contexts.  

What Is Discrimination?

Discrimination begins when a store employee, service provider, or lender treats individuals differently than others because of their membership in a particular group.

Businesses cannot discriminate against individuals based on their:

Race, Color, Religion, National origin, Ancestry, Sex, Gender identity, Age, Disability, Sexual orientation, Marital status, Children, Past involvement in a discrimination complaint, Veteran status, or Status as a recipient of public assistance