In 2001 the Massachusetts legislature passed a law providing victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault and stalking with a way to maintain a confidential address that not only allows them to receive mail, but that enables them to use the address when conducting transactions with state and local agencies, e.g. obtaining a driver's license and applying for social services. The substitute address, which will be valid for four years, is used as the individual's legal residence, as well as work and school address.

In order to become a "program participant", applicants must fill out a form with a certified applicant assistant. Application assistants must be employees of a state or local agency, or a nonprofit program that provides counseling, referral, shelter or other specialized services to victims.
To locate an applicant assistant, or to find out how to become a "certified" assistant, contact Address Confidentiality Program, P.O. Box 9120, Chelsea, MA. 02150-9120, 617-727-3261 or 866-SAFE-ADD,