The MDAA's Vehicular Crimes Program provides training and resources for prosecutors and law enforcement officers throughout the Commonwealth, with particular focus on issues related to operating under the influence and motor vehicle homicide.
  • Conducts trainings across the Commonwealth for prosecutors and police, including Operating Under the Influence - Trial Advocacy, Prosecuting the Hard Core Drunk Driver, Serious Injury Prosecutions, and Basic and Advanced Crash Reconstruction.
  • Conducts educational programs for attorneys and judges on the laws governing impaired driving.
  • Tracks pending legislation and case law, summarizing the key issues for prosecutors and law enforcement officers.
  • Acts as a primary reference for prosecutors, legislators and public safety officials who have questions about the Commonwealth's impaired driving laws.
  • Works with the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Office of Alcohol Testing to improve the processing of documentation needed by prosecutors to prove impaired driving cases.
  • Acts as liaison between prosecutors and other stakeholder entities including the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, MADD, the Massachusetts Judicial Institute, the Municipal Police Training Council and the Administrative Office of the Trial Court.

This program is funded through a grant awarded to MDAA by the Highway Safety Division, Office of Grants and Research, Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.