Can two people who met in person once or twice, but then pursued an on-line relationship, qualify for an abuse prevention order? What about fraternity brothers living in a fraternity house together? In Massachusetts, a party can seek an abuse prevention order when suffering abuse from a family or household member. G.L. ch. 209A § 1. A plaintiff’s eligibility for an order depends heavily on the definition of family or household member and abuse. Join Carrie Newton from the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association’s Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit for this 30 minute webinar, to discuss these definitions and recent cases interpreting family or household member - ECO v. Compton, 464 Mass. 558 (2013) and Silva, guardian v. Carmel, (SJC, April 18, 2014). This webinar will also discuss the recent Supreme Judicial Court decisions in Commonwealth v. Shea, concerning what law governs in a violation of restraining order that occurs in Massachusetts but that involves an out of state abuse prevention order, and MacDonald v. Caruso, concerning what showing a defendant must make in order to terminate a permanent restraining order.

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