Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault:

A Review of Recent Abuse Prevention Cases

Admission of Prior Bad Act Evidence

Assessing a Domestic Violence Case After Arraignment

Bail Decisions in Domestic Violence Cases

Charging and Proving Aggravated Assault and Battery, Serious Bodily Injury

Dangerousness Hearings in Domestic Violence Cases

Defendant's Motion for Victim's Records Under Mass.R.Crim.P. 17

The Defense of Self-Defense in Domestic Violence Cases

Excited Utterances

Exploring Domestic Violence Dynamics and Statistics

Forfeiture by Wrongdoing

Intimidation of a Witness


Myth Busting in Rape Prosecutions

Obstacles in Trying Domestic Violence Cases

Overcoming Crawford Objections: Testimonial Evidence

Preparing a Domestic Violence Case for Trial

Prior Inconsistent Statement

Prior False Accusations in Sexual Assault Prosecutions

Prosecuting Failure to Register as a Sex Offender Cases

Prosecuting Restraining Order Violations

Recanting Witnesses

Sexual Assault in Domestic Relationships

Understanding the Appeals Court’s Decision in Reddy

Motor Vehicle Crimes: 

2013 Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Updates and Revisions

Chapter 90 s. 24N OUI License Suspensions  

Distracted Driving  

The Draeger 9510 Breath Testing Instrument: Dry Gas Calibration Standard

File Organization and Case Preparation for an Operating Under the Influence Case

Introducing a Breath Test Result

The Law Governing Sobriety Checkpoints  

The Mechanics of Planning and Executing a Sobriety Checkpoint

Motor Vehicle Case Law Summary  

Proving Operating After Suspension Cases Post Parenteau Webinar

Decriminalization / Medical Marijuana:

Decriminalization of Marijuana and the Impact on the Law of Search and Seizure

Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts

Medical Marijuana in the United State

Use of Drug Recognition Experts at Trial

Inside the Marijuana Dispensary

Trial Basics:

Closing Arguments

Introducing Evidence: Photographs, Medical Records and Restraining Orders

Opening Statements: Advocacy without Argument

Proving Prior OUI Convictions

Using Medical Records at Trial

Other Topics:

MDAA Training Department: MDAA Resources

Obtaining and Admitting Telephone Call and Text Message Evidence

Obtaining and Admitting Email and Social Media Evidence

Prosecuting Animal Cruelty Cases

Massachusetts Rule of Criminal Procedure Rule 14 - Pretrial Discovery

Litigating Motions to Dismiss on Basis of Speedy Trial Violation - Mass.R.Crim.P. 36