Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett was elected President of the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association at their November meeting.  He succeeds Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe.

     “Together, the District Attorneys prosecute over 300,000 cases every year,” D.A. Blodgett said.  “In addition to that, we also work individually and collectively on an array of prevention and intervention programs including drug and alcohol awareness, ID theft and scams awareness, domestic violence programs, and juvenile, youthful and drug diversion programs.  As President, I will work to ensure that we maintain our utmost efforts to protect public safety through prosecution and prevention programs.”

     First elected in 2002, D.A. Blodgett is in his third term as Essex District Attorney.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance, Vice President of the National District Attorneys Association and serves as the DA’s liaison to the state Adult Drug Court Advisory Committee.  He previously served as MDAA President in 2006-07.

     DA Blodgett is a life-long Peabody resident and graduated from Princeton University and Suffolk Law School.  He served as an assistant district attorney in Lynn and Peabody District Courts before establishing his own law practice in Peabody.

     The District Attorneys also elected Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley to serve as MDAA’s Vice President.

     MDAA is an independent state agency whose mission is to support the eleven elected Massachusetts District Attorneys and their combined staff of 1500 employees, including 700 prosecutors and 250 victim-witness advocates.  The MDAA provides cost-effective support to the District Attorneys by centrally managing statewide business technology initiatives; running a federally-funded training program for prosecutors, victim-witness advocates and fellow public safety professionals, and providing information on the District Attorneys’ budgetary, criminal justice and public safety priorities to the executive and legislative branches.