• Liam Lowney - Executive Director

    Patrice Provitola – Deputy Director

    Dan Cooper – Director of Grants Management

    Christopher Klaskin - Director of Public Affairs

    Amy Lindquist - Grants Program Specialist

    Randall Lui – Chief Fiscal Officer

    Kenneth Luke – Grants Fiscal Coordinator

    Nicole Miozza – Outreach and Training Coordinator

    Corinn Nelson – Victim Services Coordinator

    Norvalett Payne – Office Coordinator

    Linsey Stahowski - Grants Program Specialist

    Kristen Tavano – Senior Grants Program Specialist

    Susan Vickers, Esq. – Consultant, Marathon Bombing Victim Service

    Stacey Corin – Marathon Bombing Victim Service Navigator

    Ellen Nieman - Marathon Bombing Victim Service Navigator