• The mission of the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA) is to empower all crime victims and witnesses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  MOVA strives to ensure access to equitable services, across the Commonwealth, which meet the unique needs of those impacted by crime through survivor-informed policy development, fund administration, training, and individual assistance.

    Victim Service Programs

    One of MOVA’s most important functions is to provide direct assistance to crime victims. Victims and their families are often traumatized, confused and uncertain about where to turn for help. Victims can receive assistance through MOVA's Service Programs, the SAFEPLAN Program and our Victim Services Coordinator, we provide referrals to appropriate programs and service providers and information and advocacy to help victims better understand the justice system.

    Funding Opportunities & Grants

    MOVA is a leader in administering funding and providing technical assistance for service providers. Through the Grants Management and Program Resources team, MOVA helps to fund almost 100 programs across the Commonwealth. MOVA's grant programs help support an array of community-based and public agencies. Read more to learn about funding and grant opportunities available through MOVA. 

    Legislative Policy Work

    While the Victims’ Rights Movement has made significant strides over the past decade, many misconceptions still exist about crime and its victims. MOVA, along with our partners, is dedicated to disseminating clear information to better educate the public, survivors, providers and policy makers about victim issues and rights while also upholding and advancing crime victim rights and services. Read more on our Legislative and Policy initiatives.

    Training and Outreach

    MOVA works with diverse stakeholders, including the media, schools and community groups to promote education on the causes, symptoms and consequences of violence, as well as what rights you have if you become a victim of crime.

    MOVA is a leader in training victim advocates and community groups about current research, policy and best practices in the field of victims’ rights. Through our intensive Massachusetts Victim Assistance Academy, victim service professionals get the skills and information they need to be effective at their jobs. And, through our annual Victim Rights Month event, victims, survivors, victim service providers, policy makers and state leaders have an opportunity to further their knowledge and increase their awareness of timely issues impacting the victim and survivor communities.

    MOVA is available to make presentations to groups about our agency and the criminal justice process in general, as well as on the specific needs of victims of crime in various forms, such as homicide, child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, drunk driving, stalking, elder abuse and fraud.