• MOVA works to promote strong laws that ensure victims receive the rights and services to which they are entitled and provide appropriate sanctions for criminal behavior. Our agency has been instrumental in drafting and educating on highly significant legislative reforms for Massachusetts crime victims, including the Victim Bill of Rights, Victim Compensation Reform, Juvenile Justice Reform, Truth in Sentencing legislation, and the Drunk Driving Trust Fund.

    MOVA serves as a resource for public policy makers, legislators, criminal justice officials, victims, advocates and others interested in developing victim-centered legislation and public policy.

  • MOVA's State Legislative Priorities

    Separate and Secure Waiting Area Task Force

    The Separate and Secure Waiting Area (SSWA) Task Force recently submitted the Final Implementation Plan Report to the Massachusetts State Legislature on July 2nd as required by statute. This report outlines the remarkable and unprecedented achievements made by the Task Force members in concert with court personnel, District Attorneys’ Offices, and victim advocates throughout the Commonwealth. Starting our process with separate and secure waiting areas in only four courts, we now have officially designated waiting rooms in 43 courts with the remainder in various stages of preparation for formal designation. MOVA would like to extend sincere thanks and gratitude to Chief Justice Robert Mulligan, the Task Force members, and Trial Court and MOVA staff who devoted a great deal of time, effort and leadership to see this process through to fruition. We also want to acknowledge the efforts of Victim Witness Directors, Advocates, SAFEPLAN Advocates, court personnel and other community members who participated in the on-site court assessments and provided critical, front-line perspectives that were instrumental in designating practical solutions at each location to help fulfill this fundamental right that victims, witnesses and families so critically need and deserve.

    MOVA and the Trial Court will continue to work with those courthouses requiring follow up to achieve full compliance with this mandate. We will track and report our progress to the Legislature and the public in annual progress reports.The Separate and Secure Waiting Area (SSWA) Task Force, created by Section 134 of Chapter 131 of the Acts of 2010, submitted its progress report to the Legislature in February 2013.

  • Additional Support and Information

    If you are a legislator, agency or other individual interested in our assistance and/or support for a particular bill, please contact the Director of Public Affairs or call (617) 586-1340.