• Find Services Near You

    AskMOVA the one stop location for finding victim service providers located throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Through our new AskMOVA search engine you can find free programs in your area that are sorted to reflect the agencies that best suit your need and location. 

    To use this new search engine to locate free services all you need to do is the follow:

    1. Enter your location

    2. Select the type of crime that has impacted you

    3. Select the need you are hoping to find help for

    The Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA) has been serving the needs of crime victims, witnesses, and their families throughout the Commonwealth for over 30 years.  Now, we’re proud to announce a new web-based service for victims, survivors and witnesses of violent crime to locate the free services they need - where and when they need it. For more information or to utilize this new feature please click here at: www.AskMOVA.org.