• MOVA  is working with service providers throughout the country to try to ensure that victims and witness of the Marathon Bombings receive needed support.  MOVA is committed to helping these survivors determine their own path to recovery and healing.

    Victim Services

    Victim Navigators can help Marathon Bombing victims access practical resources (financial, health, housing, employment) as well as mental health and other social supports.  For additional information regarding victim services, please click here.

    Resiliency Forums

    MOVA is launching "Resiliency Forums" for victims and witnesses of the Marathon Bombings.  Topics will be offered and driven by the need and desire of survivors, including: "Addressing the financial impact of the bombing" and "Understanding PTSD", and others.  These forums will be accessible to all victims, witnesses and their families.  To find out more, please register here.

    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions Sheet (FAQ) pdf format of Marathon FAQs

    Resources Available to Victims of the Boston Marathon Attack

    AEAP Fact Sheet January 2014 pdf format of AEAP Fact Sheet January 2014