Home Remodification - Boston Survivors Accessibility Alliance (BSAA)

The BSAA was established by the Department of Public Safety to assist individuals who sustained physical injuries as a result of the Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013, with renovations to help transition to a new lifestyle.  The focus of the services offered by the BSAA is on home modifications and requests are reviewed on a case by case basis.  The BSAA’s services are available to anyone who suffered a physical injury as a result of the Marathon bombings and are not limited to individuals who lost a limb or the use of a limb.  Psychological injuries and trauma, however, are outside of the BSAA’s mission.

The Department has partnered with private and public individuals and groups in the building and construction industry to serve as the single point of contact and a resource clearing house for services and goods which will be necessary to make these modifications.  Modifications may include construction of ramps, widening doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, reconfiguring bathroom or kitchen space, installation of visual alarms for those with hearing loss, replacement of door knobs and faucets, or other appropriate modifications or renovations.   The BSAA will focus on assisting survivors in obtaining suitable design and construction services, sorting through permitting and approvals processes, and general guidance through what may otherwise be a daunting task.   

For more information, please visit us at www.mass.gov/eopss/agencies/dps/the-boston-survivors-accessibility-alliance-bsaa.html or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BostonSurvivorsAccessibilityAlliance.   

To apply, please contact Theresa Lepore at 617-727-3200 extension 25229 or Theresa.lepore@state.ma.us.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

The Social Security Administration has declared the Boston Marathon Bombings as an instance of a local disaster. Special procedures have been invoked for those affected by the bombings who are applying for SSDI. Information regarding the Social Security Administration's disaster procedures can be found online. An internal form that should be completed with the victim’s application to help SSA track the claims can be found here pdf format of SSDI Marathon Form
. It is critical for victims (and their legal representatives) to inform SSA when they apply for benefits that their injuries were a result of the bombing.

Securing Disability Passenger or Motorcycle Plates, Placards and Disability Veteran Place

There is one application for Disability Passenger or Motorcycle Plates, Placards and Disability Veteran Plates. To download the application, visit: www.massrmv.com/rmv/forms/disabled.htm. Applications are available by calling the RMV Telephone Center. You can call one of the following two numbers, depending on where you are located: 

  • 857-368-8000 - From Massachusetts area codes 339/617/781/857 and from outside of Massachusetts
  • 800-858-3926 - From all other Massachusetts area codes not listed above 
  • If you are in Massachusetts and are hearing impaired, call 877-768-8833.

The Telephone Center is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM except holidays. There are also more than 200 messages on policies and procedures available 24 hours a day. Applications are also available at all full service RVM branch offices. To locate a branch, visit: http://www.massrmv.com/BranchMap.aspx Both the applicant and a Massachusetts registered and licensed physician, chiropractor or nurse practitioner must complete and sign the application. Take the completed form to the nearest full service branch office of or mail to:

Registry of Motor Vehicles
Attn. Medical Affairs Bureau
PO Box 55889
Boston, MA 02205-5889
Phone: 857-368-8020
Fax: 857-368-0802

For a comprehensive list of disabled parking FAQs, visit: www.massrmv.com/rmv/medical/parkingFAQ4cus.htm