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MOVA uses its Twitter account in many ways, and its focus is to provide timely, relevant information, share news about our work and the work of others in the victim services field.

  • The official handle for MOVA’s Twitter account is @MassMOVA.
  • MOVA may follow the types of accounts listed below:
    • Federal, State, and Local government/elected officials/employees
    • Members of the Press and various news services
    • Schools and Universities
    • Partners and stakeholders
    • Legal Organizations
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MOVA uses several social media tools for outreach, education and information. These online tools help the office reach more victims, survivors, and service providers with information and resources, and are intended to enhance, but not replace, the agency’s interaction with constituents and the media. Direct media inquiries should be directed to the Executive Director at 617-586-1340.


MOVA is pleased to participate on the commercial social network Facebook. Please note that MOVA does not control or endorse the comments or opinions provided by visitors to Facebook. 

Additionally, MOVA reserves the right to review all comments and remove any comments that contain profanity; personal attacks of any kind; spam; offensive terms that target specific ethnic or racial groups; promote commercial products; advocate for the success or failure of a partisan political party, group, or candidate; incite hate; or promote a fundraising event. Any opinions expressed by commentators on the MOVA Facebook page, except as specifically noted, are solely those of the individual offering commentary, and do not reflect any MOVA endorsement, or action.

To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, please contact MOVA directly at (617) 586-1340 or for information or referrals.

News From the Field

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Victim Services Bulletin

MOVA publishes the Victim Services Bulletin, a bi-monthly e-newsletter. The e-newsletter is primarily a resource for government, service providers, and victim/survivors; however all are welcome to subscribe. To unsubscribe, please email