The Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association works to secure a unity of action by the sheriffs of the Commonwealth in order to address the numerous issues that have a direct relationship and impact on the entire criminal justice system, and which may affect the operation of the various sheriffs' offices. These issues shall include, but not be limited to, those related to law enforcement, the care and custody of inmates and detainees, judicial services, transportation of prisoners, recidivism, officer training, re-entry programming, and legislative advocacy.

The MSA also fosters and facilitates cooperative relationships among the sheriffs' offices for the purpose of developing standardized training, providing governance over shared projects, discussing operational best practices and evaluating research and data on matters of mutual interest and concern.

Ultimately, the MSA works to promote a greater understanding of the matters impacting the sheriffs' offices and to bring together other law enforcement and criminal justice professionals and practitioners to increase cooperation and demonstrate strategies that can be utilized to improve the public safety of all Massachusetts communities.