Sheriff Bellotti
Sheriff Michael G. Bellotti, 43, was elected High Sheriff of Norfolk County on Nov. 3, 1998. He was officially sworn in on Jan. 6, 1999. He ran again in November 2004, this time unopposed, and began serving his second six-year term in January 2005. He is the 18th Sheriff of Norfolk County.

As Norfolk County's highest ranking public safety official, Sheriff Bellotti is responsible for the safe, secure and humane custody of nearly 600 inmates in the Norfolk County House of Correction and

jail in Dedham, the Dedham Alternative Center for pre-release inmates and the Electronic Incarceration Program in Quincy.

Sheriff Bellotti also operates the Braintree Public Safety Complex, where the he runs many of his community programs for youth and senior citizens. It is also the location for training exercises and the Sheriff's Youth Leadership Academy and After School Program. The Sheriff's Civil Process Office is also located at the Braintree site.

Sheriff Bellotti has recently launched three major public safety initiatives. Just this year, the Sheriff began listing detailed information about Level 3 sex offenders on his website, Additionally, Norfolk County residents may also register through the website to receive a Personal Email Notification every time a Level 3 sex offender moves into their community. Sheriff Bellotti is the first in the state, and perhaps the nation, to offer such a service.

In 2004, the Sheriff launched Project Lifesaver, a national search and rescue program that now operate in 36 states. Sheriff Bellotti is the statewide coordinator for Massachusetts. Project Lifesaver is a program that dispatches highly trained search and rescue units to find reported missing persons, usually those with Alzheimer's and other related disorders such as autism and Down syndrome who may wander and become lost. Those in the program wear a device that emits a personalized radio signal that can be picked up by search and rescue teams using mobile tracking equipment.

The third program, which also became fully operational in 2004, is the Sheriff's Repeat Offender Public Safety Initiative, which

classifies every repeat offender as soon as they come into the house of correction. Those offenders are held to a new standard, which requires them to take part in re-entry programming that brings into the process outside agencies such as Probation, Parole, the U.S. Attorney's Office and local police.

Every repeat offender is reported to the community from which he came and is tracked in the community upon release. Structure and accountability are stressed both during and after commitment to the house of correction.

In the summer of 2002, Sheriff Bellotti started the Youth Leadership Academy in Braintree, which continues to grow every year. The academy builds confidence, positive attitudes and social skills in Norfolk County youth, ages 10 to 14. Most of the youth are referred to the academy by local DARE Officers. The Academy operates one of the largest Ropes Courses in New England as part of its adventure-based education curriculum. The Sheriff also operates a successful After School Program for middle school children and an Enrichment School for students with behavioral challenges.