The MTRS is committed to providing educational programs to members throughout the year, and, depending on what stage you're at in your career, we offer a program for you.

If you are an active or inactive member...

  • At any time in your career
    • Your MTRS Benefits: This is an informational program for MTRS members of all ages and career stages. The two-hour program, held in the spring at various locations across the Commonwealth, focuses on retirement formulas, creditable service issues, Social Security and other post-retirement issues.
      Can't attend? Review the presentation guide pdf format of Your MTRS Benefits booklet
file size 3MB at your convenience, and contact us if you have any questions.
  • 5 to 15 years from retirement
    • The Next Chapter: This comprehensive, all-day pre-retirement planning program is offered periodically in the spring. It helps participants examine their attitudes, concerns and goals as they prepare for their retirement years.
  • One year from retirement
    • Ready for Retirement: This is an optional, two-hour, after-work program for our soon-to-be retirees, usually held in the fall, at multiple locations across the Commonwealth. During this nuts-and-bolts seminar, members learn exactly what to do—and expect—as they go through the retirement process.
    • An in-office group counseling session: These informational sessions are held every other Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m., and are designed to provide an overview of the current retirement formula and RetirementPlus, as well as general issues concerning the retirement process. Each session is open to a maximum of 12 members (significant others welcome). At the session, you will receive a personalized worksheet reflecting your years of creditable service. We will walk you through the various retirement calculations using the regular retirement formula and RetirementPlus. Please understand that pre-registration is required. To register for a Charlestown counseling session, please call our main office at 617-679-MTRS. For our members in Worcester County and west, please call our Springfield office at 413-784-1711. For upcoming dates and times, please see our Calendar.
    • An individual counseling appointment: Because of the increases in the number of retirements over the past several years, members are strongly encouraged to attend one of our above seminars, as individual counseling appointments are generally no longer scheduled.

If you are a retired member...

    • Retirement U: This half-day program provides a variety of information, ideas and resources to help retirees maximize their retirement years financially and personally. It is for retirees of all ages, and is held periodically in late spring, usually in two locations.