Regular compensation

It is in your best interest to understand what earnings are included and excluded as regular compensation so that, when it is time for you to retire, you don’t have any misunderstanding or false expectations as to what will be included in your final salary average.


You may receive benefits under the "regular" or "RetirementPlus" formulas, depending on which plan you participate in. If you are participating in RetirementPlus, understand how it works and what it means for your retirement benefit.

How divorce could affect your benefits

Your pension from the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System is generally considered a marital asset and, whether you are actively in service or receiving a retirement allowance, it is subject to valuation and division in a divorce. If your former spouse is named an “alternate payee” by the court, he or she may be entitled to receive a share of your retirement benefits at the time of your retirement pursuant to the terms of a domestic relations order (DRO).

Accidental death benefits

If you die as the result of an accident while you are an active member, your survivor may be eligible to receive an accidental death benefit, which is greater than the regular survivor benefit amount.