Please estimate the amount of your retirement allowance under the three available options and determine that what you may receive is appropriate for your personal and financial situation.

As you will see, when you complete your retirement application, you will be required to select the option under which you wish to retire. Accordingly, it is very important that you have estimated your benefits—either using our online estimator or the worksheet included with your application form—so that you make an informed decision in your retirement application.

To get started, click the button below to go to our retirement benefit estimator. After you have estimated your benefits, click on the “Begin the retirement application process” button at the bottom of the estimator page, and you will then be taken to Step 1 in the retirement application process.


NOTE: This estimator is for members with effective membership dates BEFORE April 2, 2012 ONLY. If your membership date is on or after April 2, 2012, do not use this estimator as it does not reflect the benefit structure that applies to you. Instead, contact us for guidance.



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