This is the last step in the application process. We don’t think that you’ll find it difficult to complete the application form, but it will take you some time. As we said in the beginning, this is your retirement—please be willing to devote some effort to completing your application completely and accurately.

In this step, you will access and print the 19-page Retirement Application. But before you proceed, please note:

  • You must print the application, sign it, and sent it to the MTRS. Your application may not be submitted online or via e-mail.
  • The first page contains instructions on how to complete and send us your application. The second page contains the retirement process timeline and document checklist. The third and fourth pages contain our benefit estimate worksheet. Please keep these four pages for your reference.
  • YOU must complete Part 1 (pages 1 through 10), as well as Section 1 of Part 2.
  • Your PAYROLL OFFICER must complete Part 2, which is five pages. At the same time that you are completing Part 1, you should give Part 2 to your payroll officer for him or her to complete and return to you.
  • YOU are responsible for gathering your required documentation and for submitting your completed application—Parts 1 AND 2—to us at the same time.
  • You should send us your completed application three to four months BEFORE your date of retirement.
  • After you have submitted your completed application, we will review and process it. If we have any questions or need any additional information, we will contact you.
  • Within three to four months, you will receive your NERB (Notice of Estimated Retirement Benefit), which will include the estimated amount of your retirement allowance.
  • You will then receive your first retirement allowance payment—which will include benefits retroactive to your date of retirement—either at the end of the first full month after you receive your NERB, or at the end of the first full month after your date of retirement, whichever is later. (Note: The earliest that your first retirement payment may be issued is at the end of the first full month after your retirement date.)

About the file format

  • The Retirement Application is in portable document format (PDF), which is best accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader X or later, available for free from the Adobe website.
    If you have an earlier version of Acrobat Reader, you may still be able to access the document, but if you have any problems, please check your version of Reader and upgrade if necessary.

How to complete your Retirement Application

The Retirement Application is an interactive PDF, which means that you can download the form and enter data into the highlighted fields. Accordingly, CLICK on the button, below, to access the form, and then CHOOSE either to:

  • Complete the application entirely by hand: Simply PRINT the 19-page document now, and complete it by hand, or
  • Save the form to your computer for future completion onscreen or by hand: When you see the application form in your browser’s window, click on the small disk icon at the top left of the Acrobat Reader menu bar, and save the file to your desktop. You may then complete your application at a later time—either onscreen or by hand—without being connected to the Internet.

After you have accessed the form, press your browser’s “Back” button to return to this page. From here, select the “Home” button to return to our homepage.

Want to see a sample completed retirement application? Take a look at our Ready for Retirement program booklet pdf format of Ready for Retirement booklet for CPS
file size 3MB (pages 11-21).

If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Good luck!


If you are applying for a termination retirement benefit, you must submit a completed “Termination retirement statement and release” form along with your completed retirement application. Click on the link below to download this form, and then click on the “Go to Retirement Application” button below.

Termination retirement statement and release pdf format of Termination retirement statement and release

Go to Retirement Application pdf format of Retirement application