MonthDirect deposit date*Check mailing date**
January 2014Friday, January 31Wednesday, January 29
February 2014Friday, February 28Wednesday, February 26
March 2014Monday, March 31Thursday, March 27
April 2014Wednesday, April 30Monday, April 28
May 2014Friday, May 30Wednesday, May 28
June 2014Monday, June 30Thursday, June 26
July 2014Thursday, July 31Tuesday, July 29
August 2014Friday, August 29Wednesday, August 27
September 2014Tuesday, September 30Friday, September 26
October 2014Friday, October 31Wednesday, October 29
November 2014Friday, November 28Tuesday, November 25
December 2014Wednesday, December 31Monday, December 29

*Direct deposit statements are only produced and mailed:

  • when your first direct deposit is made;
  • when there is a change in the amount of your direct deposit from the prior month (for instance, if you change the amount of your federal tax withholding or your insurance premium changes);
  • when the MTRS needs to inform retirees of new information and prints a special notice on the top portion of the direct deposit statement; and,
  • at the end of December, when the MTRS provides you with a statement that shows your complete year-to-date information for the calendar year.

**Checks are issued on the check mailing date and payable on the direct deposit date. If you receive your check before the date it is payable, please do not cash it until the payable date.

Moving or going to a temporary address? Please be sure to change your address with us to ensure that you receive your checks or direct deposit statements.