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MyTRS for employers upgraded on September 3

In preparation for the gradual introduction of online account access for your employees and our members, the employer self-service area of MyTRS was upgraded on Tuesday, September 3.

What's new

  • The home page has been slightly reorganized and expanded. In response to your feedback, some of the links have been shortened, renamed for clarity, and/or moved from under one heading to another. Five new functions have also been added for future use, and in the coming weeks, we will be providing instructions on how and when to use them; in the interim, please do not use these links.

Screenshot of the upgraded employer MyTRS home page

  • In deduction reporting, an Apply button was added so that you can make, save and test all of your changes without leaving Edit mode. The Apply button works the same as the Save button EXCEPT it allows you to save and test your changes without leaving Edit mode, and it works much faster than the Save button. Now, you can click Apply as you enter all of your various updates, and then when you are finished, click Save to keep all of your changes and exit Edit mode. The Apply button is in the upper right corner of your report, next to the Save button.

MyTRS screenshot of Apply button

  • The one-day delay for member enrollment has been eliminated. Beginning Monday, September 9, members will be able to enroll online directly in MyTRS on the same day that you register them.
  • Compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 9.0 is no longer necessary. If you are using Internet Explorer 9.0, you may need to deselect compatibility mode (for instructions, please see MyTRS system requirements).

What remains the same

  • How you access and sign in to MyTRS
  • Monthly deduction reporting
  • Member enrollment registration
  • All other processes and functionality