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Now available: Three new resources for employers

  • MTRS membership eligibility: Access information about defining "teacher," and special cases (charter school employees; part-time, temporary and provisional employees and the 6-month wait period; long-term substitutes).
  • Contribution rates explained: Find guidance on how contribution rates are determined; how the rate is determined for members who transfer into the MTRS from other Massachusetts retirement systems; the 30-plus (2%) deduction; and, incorrect assessments.
  • In MyTRS, "Members pending enrollment" report: Now, to find out which, if any, of your employees have not yet completed the online enrollment process, you can simply download a list from MyTRS. The report includes each employee's name and MTRS member number—which the employee needs to create a MyTRS account—so it is now easier to follow up and remind the employee to enroll online. To access the report in MyTRS, click on Deduction Reports and Payments, and then, in the Reports tab, select Members Pending Enrollment, as shown below.

You can find the pending enrollment report under the reports tab on MyTRS

GASB reporting: FY2016 update and prior years’ reports

As required under Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement No. 68, the Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System releases the annual GASB 68 report and pension allocation schedules for participants in the MTRS.

The release of the FY2016 GASB 68 report and schedules is targeted to occur at the end of August 2016. As more information becomes available, we will update this message, and once the report is finalized, we will post it here and send an e-mail to employers to announce its availability.