Refund Application, Part 2 pdf format of Refund application, Part 2 for Employers

What is this?

This is Part 2 of our refund application, which is to be completed by payroll administrators. 

As of July 25, 2016, there is just one refund application form available for members; within the application the member will select how he or she wishes to receive the payment—as either a direct refund to him or herself, or a full or partial rollover to an eligible plan.

Part 2 is the service and salary history portion of the application. You will find that it is very similar to Part 2 of the Retirement Application.

It is two pages long, and, unlike the Part 2 that appears in the downloadable application that is accessible to members, is interactive. Be sure to download the form to your desktop before entering any data. 

For the application that is available to members, see Refund Application pdf format of Refund application

What is the process?

Step 1:The refund applicant will present you with a printed copy of Part 2 of his or her refund application.
 Members applying for a refund are instructed to use this application. They are instructed to print the application—which includes Part 2 in a non-interactive format—and bring Part 2 to you for completion. Neither Part 1, which is completed by the applicant, nor Part 2 may be submitted by e-mail or via the web.
Step 2:You should complete and return Part 2 directly to the applicant after you have issued the applicant’s final paycheck. It is then the applicant’s responsibility to submit both Part 1 and Part 2 to the MTRS’s main office. Please note that the applicant cannot submit this application until after his or her last day of service, and we cannot process the refund until after we have received and posted the applicant’s final payroll deduction.
 You are welcome to complete the copy of Part 2 that they bring you, or come to this page and access this interactive version so that you may complete Part 2 onscreen. In all cases, you must have a hard copy that you sign and return to the member. It is not possible to submit Part 2 by e-mail or via the web.