Vocational work experience service purchase application for Employers  pdf format of Voc work exp service purchase application for Employers

What is this?

  • This is our new vocational work experience service purchase form.
  • It is the same four-page form available to members, but with an added feature: the fields on page 2—the ones to be completed by payroll officers—are interactive.

You are welcome either to complete the copy of page two that members provide, or to access this interactive version. Either way you choose to complete your part is fine; the advantage of the online interactive version is that you may more easily type in your data. In all cases, the completed form must be printed out and signed. It is not possible for the applicant or you to submit the form either by e-mail or via the web.

What is the process?

Members applying to purchase this service are instructed to print the application, complete page one and bring the application to you for completion of page two. Depending on the applicant’s service history, you may be asked to complete Part 5a, Part 5b, or both:

If your school or school district has a vocational education program, your current and former employees will be asking you to complete Part 5a, to verify their Chapter 74-approved program service. Part 5a consists of your contact info and three fields: the start date of the applicant’s employment in a Chapter 74-approved program with your district; the name of that Chapter 74-approved program ; and, the applicant’s position title and subject area at the time.
If yours is the district in which the applicant most recently established membership service in the MTRS, members will be asking you to complete Part 5b. Part 5b consists of your contact info and four fields: the start date of the applicant's employment in your district, and the applicant’s position title, annual contract rate and employment status (full-time or part-time and percentage).
Just as you’ve done with our other service purchase forms, please complete, sign and return the form directly to the member. It is then the applicant’s responsibility to submit the two-page application to the MTRS.