1. Beneficiary Designation--Active and Inactive Members pdf format of Beneficiary designation form—Active & inactive members

Use this to name a beneficiary or to change your beneficiary designation. For more information, see also Survivor Benefits.

2. Refund application process (for withdrawing or rolling over your MTRS account)

If you leave active teaching service and wish to withdraw your funds, please walk through this step-by-step process which will guide you to the appropriate downloadable application (total refund to you, or rollover to an eligible plan).

3. Creditable service purchase application forms (see also Creditable service)
NOTE: To be eligible to purchase service (excepting Peace Corps service), at the time you submit your service purchase application, you must be a member in service with the MTRS. Generally, you are a "member in service" if you are: actively teaching; receiving Workers' Compensation for total incapacity; on a sick leave; or, on an authorized unpaid leave of less than one year.


For service purchase payments only (see Purchasing service with a direct transfer or rollover)

4. Retirement application forms
  • Regular (“superannuation”) and termination retirement
  • Disability (ordinary and accidental retirement)
    If you should find yourself permanently disabled and unable to work for an extended period of time, please review the process for applying for a disability retirement benefit.