1. Beneficiary Designation--Active and Inactive Members pdf format of Beneficiary designation form—Active & inactive members

Use this to name a beneficiary or to change your beneficiary designation. For more information, see also Survivor Benefits.

2. Refund application (for withdrawing or rolling over your MTRS account)
  • Recommended process: If you leave active teaching service and wish to withdraw your funds, please walk through this step-by-step process. At the end of that process, you'll be able to download the Refund application.
  • Refund application pdf format of Refund application
3. Creditable service purchase application forms (see also Creditable service)
NOTE: To be eligible to purchase service (excepting Peace Corps service), at the time you submit your service purchase application, you must be a member in service with the MTRS. Generally, you are a "member in service" if you are: actively teaching; receiving Workers' Compensation for total incapacity; on a sick leave; or, on an authorized unpaid leave of less than one year.


For service purchase payments only (see Purchasing service with a direct transfer or rollover)

4. Retirement application forms
  • Regular (“superannuation”) and termination retirement
  • Disability (ordinary and accidental retirement)
    If you should find yourself permanently disabled and unable to work for an extended period of time, please review the process for applying for a disability retirement benefit.