After the death of one of our benefit recipients, the Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System (MTRS) makes its best effort to identify and reach out to that benefit recipient's survivors and/or estate to pay any remaining benefits that may be due. At times, however, these funds are not paid out either because we are unable to reach the survivors and/or estates, or because our office may not be contacted by them. To help the MTRS process these cases, we list the names of our former benefit recipients with unclaimed funds here, in the hope that their survivors and/or estates will contact us to claim any funds that may be due.

If you are:

  • the executor or executrix, or
  • the survivor or beneficiary

of a deceased MTRS retiree, and neither you nor the member’s estate has received a “final payment” of the deceased member’s retirement benefit, the MTRS may have unclaimed funds on account for you.

If you believe that the member’s estate or you may have unclaimed funds, please:

  1. REVIEW the list below to see if the deceased member’s name appears.
  2. If you find the deceased member’s name, please COMPLETE our Application for unclaimed funds pdf format of Application for unclaimed funds
and return it to our main office, as indicated on the form. You must send us a completed form in order to make a claim for funds; because we need documentation of your eligibility to receive any funds, we cannot process a claim over the phone.

Unclaimed Funds

We are pleased to report that, from September 2007 (when this page was first posted) through December 19, 2014, the MTRS has returned a total of $583,463.32 to 154 different estates and beneficiaries of deceased members. Thank you for visiting our site and checking our list!



Abate, Alleyne
Ackley, Helen
Amoroso, Pamela
Anderson, E. Geraldine
Anderson, Ralph
Arnold, Agnes
Arone, Lucy
Ashe, Sandra
Aumand, June


Babcock, Barbara
Bachand, Mary
Backer, Edith M.
Baker, Beatrice
Bane, Helen
Barlow, Violet
Barsanti, Benito
Barrett, Beatrice
Barrett, Margaret
Barry, Barbara
Bean, Pearl
Begin, Ronald
Berger, Arnold
Bergeron, Donald
Berlenback, Annabelle
Berman, Eve
Bernier, Janice
Bernstein, Vivian
Bettencourt, Julia
Bianchi, Nora
Binney, John
Blake, Isabelle
Blood, Doris
Bloom, Edith
Bloom, Lawrence
Bloomer, Sarah
Blythe, Doris
Boardman, Pauline
Bolton, Francis
Bombard, Jr., Robert
Booth, F. Christine
Booth, Hilda
Bourgeois, Doris
Bowe, Robert
Bowens, Carrie
Boyle, Judith
Bradbury, H. Valerie
Bradford, Frederick
Bradley, J. Carol
Brady, Elizabeth
Brady, John
Brennan, Lillian
Bresnahan, Carolyn
Briggs, Jeannette
Britton, Anne
Broadland, Thomas
Brock, Olive
Brooks, Mildred
Brown, Anna
Brown, Ellen
Brown, Irene
Brown, Janice
Brown, Rosemary
Bucca, Patsy
Buckley, Bertha
Buker, Harry
Burke, Katherine
Burnaby, Frederick
Burnett, Evelyn
Burns, Carolyn
Burns, Dorothy
Burns, Enid
Butterfield, Charlotte
Bylow, Ira
Bynoe, George


Cabral, Carolyn
Cahill, Evelyn
Cahill, Joan
Caldwell, Patricia
Calisi, Concetta
Callahan, Christine
Callahan, Elena
Callahan, Margaret
Callahan, Virginia
Campbell, Janice
Canavan, Mary
Caples, Lynda
Carlow, John
Caron, Henri
Caron, Rita
Carpenter, Karen
Carpinella, Elena
Carpinone, Nettie
Carsley, Geraldine
Carter, Florence
Casey, Bernice
Casey, Martha
Cash, H. Freeman
Caskie, Audrey
Cassidy, Estelle
Cerone, Richard
Chaffee, Florence
Chandonnet, Leonie
Chaplowe, Alfred
Chapman, Leland
Chase, Kenneth
Chesley, Louise
Chillemi, Claire
Chism, Lois
Choquette, Dorothy
Clancy, Anna
Clark, Shirley
Clark, Patricia
Clayton, Jr., Richard
Cody, Charlotte
Coelho, Roger
Collins, Mary
Comer, Mary
Comings, Frederick
Conley, Barbara
Connolly, Edward
Connolly, Jennie
Connolly, Katherine
Cooke, Geraldine
Cooke, Ruth
Corcoran, Marie
Corliss, Margaret
Cormier, Ruth
Costa, Maryann
Cotter, Irene
Coults, Phyllis
Cox, Robert
Crampton, William
Craver, Eleanor
Crichton, Harold
Cross, Carol
Croteau, Cynthia
Crotty, Thomas
Crowley, Marcella
Crowther, James
Cullen, Mary
Cullinan, Rosemary
Curtis, Marie
Cushman, Elizabeth
Cutcliffe, Jane

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Dalton, Anna
Danahy, Laurette
Danforth, Ruth
Daniels, Dorothy
Darling, Jr., Thomas
Delaney, Josephine
Demarco, John
Demello, Carmen
Depeter, Thomas
Deraney, Martha
Derby, Mary
Desclos, Mary
Deslauriers, Omer
Despres, Judith
Devine, John
Devoyd, Stanley
DeWolfe, James L.
DiIorio, Joseph
Dileo, Rose
Dill, Anne
Dillon, Barbara
Dipanfilo, Anthony
Dirksen, Beverly
Divoll, Mary
Doherty, Mary
Dolan, Ann
Dolliver, Winifred
Donoghue, Ann
Doran, Margaret
Doughty, Wilbert
Douillard, Roland
Downes, Edna
Downey, Kenneth
Doyle, William
Dubar, Genie
Duffy, Mary
Duguay, Irene
Duke, Virginia
Dunham, Marion
Dunham, Robert
Dunn, Mary
Dunne, Anne
Duplease, Anna
Durham, Rose
Dwyer, Robert


Edinger, Eileen
Edmonds, Howard
Edmondson, Beatrice
Edoff, Nelson
Edwards, Marion
Edwards, Marjorie
Eilers, Evelyn
Emerson, Claire
English, Anne
Enright, Elizabeth
Ericson, Carol
Erlandson, A. Patricia
Evans, Peggy


Falconer, Margaret
Farello, Elene
Farnham, Linda
Feeley, Stephen
Felch, Miriam
Feroli, Jane
Fickett, Esther
Field, Rosamond
Finnegan, Robert
Firing, Barbara
Fish, Ellena
Fisher, Leonard
Fishman, Isaac
Fitzgerald, Marguerita
Fitzmeyer, Ernestine
Fitzpatrick, Mary
Fitzpatrick, Ruth
Flaherty, Jennie
Flaherty, John
Flemings, Beth
Flynn, Ralph
Frary, William
Freedman, Dawn
Freeman, Isobel
Fuller, Valentine
Furze, Catherine


Gallagher, Wilfred
Garber, Maxine
Gardner, Clinton
Garvey, Geneva
Gavaghan, Phyllis
Gavrilles, Rose
Geary, Doris
Geas, Helene T.
Geehern, Claire
Geller, Shirley
Germano, Ann
Gerson, Zelda
Gibbons, Julia
Gilligan, John
Gillmore, Anna
Girard, John
Girardin, Robert
Gladden, Dorothy
Goddard, Joyce
Goggin, Margaret
Goldberg, Anna
Goldstein, Bernard
Gonynor, Shirley
Goshin, Marion
Goslin, Marjorie
Gould, Margaret
Govatsos, Elizabeth
Graham, Ruth
Grandfield, Mary
Gravel, Catherine
Green, Geraldine
Green, Winthrop
Greenfield, Dorothy
Groden, Eleanor
Guell, Elizabeth
Gutierrez, Alberto


Halpin, Barbara
Hand, Viola
Hanley, James
Hanley, Marian
Hardacre, John
Harding, Patricia
Harrigan, Anne
Harrington, Mary
Harris, Lois
Harris, Marion
Harris, Mary C
Harris, Mary M
Hart, Margaret
Hartley, Eleanor
Harvey, Anne
Hathaway, Ruth
Hauge, Beatrice
Hawkes, Esther
Hayes, Edward
Hayes, Ellen
Hayes, Frances
Hayes, Jane
Hayes, Mary
Hayes, Paul
Healey, Evelyn
Hebert, Margaret
Hennesey, Mildred
Hensig, Emma
Herrick, Ruth
Hickey, Mary
Hicks, John
Higgins, Alice
Higgins, Mabelle
Hill, Chester
Hite, George
Hoar, Beatrice
Hodson, Christopher
Hofschire, Irja
Horsman, Donald
Horwood, Margaret
Howard, Madelyn
Howe, Lois
Howe, Louise
Hurley, Anne


Innis, Robert
Italiano, Virginia
Irwin, Katherine
Isserow, Rachelle


James, Mary
Jenkins, Gussie
Johnson, Catherine
Jones, E. Winston
Jones, Helen
Jones, Janet
Jones, Joyce
Jones, William
Joseph, Anne
Joseph, Joseph J.


Kachan, Theresa
Kakitis, John
Kanis, Elizabeth
Kaplan, Dorothy
Kaplan, Ethel
Karem, Rita
Kavanaugh, Frances
Kay, Hedi
Keane, Marie
Keating, Lila
Keller, Frank
Kelley, John
Kelly, Katherine
Kelly, Mary
Kendrick, Jr., Philip
Kenison, Thelma
Kennedy, Marion
Kenswil, Josephine
King, Margaret
Kingsley, Julia
Kirby, Eugene
Klein, Paul
Kodis, Eva
Konjoian, Lucille
Kosztyla, Isabelle
Krencisz, Edmund


LaChance, Helen
Lahage, Edmund
Lahey, Margaret
Lane, Barbara
Larkin, Esther
Lastavica, Rita
Latendorf, Frederick
Latham, Eleanor
Lavault, Mina
Laverty, Janet
Lavoie, Jeannine
Lawlor, Helen
Lawson, Mary
Leary, Mary
Leclair, Nora
Lee, Barbara
Lee, Elizabeth
Lee, Theresa
Leighton, Nancy
Leonard, William
Lester, Katherine
Lewis, Suzanne
Liebmann, Ethel
Lindblad, Jr., Karl
Lockhart, Jeanne
Long, Brian
Long, Helena
Loughran, Diane
Lowney, Mark
Lucey, Ella
Ludwig, Paul
Lynch, Dorothy
Lynch, M. Barbara
Lynch, Robert
Lyons, Barbara

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MacDonald, Alma
MacDonald, Jean
Mack, Harold
Mackey, Elizabeth
MacLeave, Phillippa
MacLeod, Marie
Magee, Margaret
Mailloux, Cecile
Malo, Rita
Maniatty, Helen
Manning, Agnes
Manning, Robert
Mahoney, Pauline
Marciniak, Mary
Marks, Margaret
Mauger, Jr., Joseph
May, Mary
McBreen, Margaret
McBride, Valeria
McCall, Herman
McCallum, Virginia
McCarthy, Cecile
McCarthy, Eleanor
McCarthy, George
McCarthy, Margaret
McCarthy, Martina
McCormack, Pauline
McCormack, Sheila
McCormick, Marietta
McDonald, Katherine
McDonnell, James
McDonough, Lucille
McDowell, Dorothy
McGovern, Helen
McGrady, Margaret
McGrath, John
McGuinness, Jean
McKay, Jeanette
McKay, Virginia
McKeaney, Ethel
McKenney, Margery
McManus, Sr., Arthur
McNulty, Muriel
McQueston, Louise
Meehan, Jean
Mehegan, Helen
Melanson, Janet
Meldahl, Eleanor
Mello, Idalina
Meoli, Lillian
Mesnik, Rita
Merlet, Mary
Metcalf, Elizabeth
Michael, Thomas
Miles, Priscilla
Miller, Harold
Miller, John
Millett, June
Millette, Carole
Milne, Gladys
Milne, Mary
Minichiello, Margaret
Monroe, Robert
Moody, Robert
Moore, Franklin
Moore, Miriam
Moran, Florence C.
Moran, Florence C.
Moran, Helen
Moran, Mary
Morgan, Marilyn
Morin, Claude
Morrill, Alice
Morris Jr., William
Mulcahy, Catherine
Mullaney, William
Mullen, Mary
Mulry, Martin
Munson, Ruth
Murphy, Colleen
Murphy, Dorothy
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Robert
Murphy, Ruth
Murray, Alice
Murray, Diane
Murray, Mildred
Musker, Frank
Myrick, Thomas


Nastek, Frederick
Nelson, Cecelia
Nelson, Russell
Nelson, Sara
Nesbit, Kathryn
Newman, Jean
Newton, Dorris
Newton, John
Nionakis, John
Nixon, Florence
Nolan, Robert
Noon, Nancy
Nordin, Margaret
North, Ruby
Norton, Helen
Nugent, Mary
Nyren, Philip


Oboy, Eileen
O’Brien, Anne
O’Brien, Kathleen
O’Callaghan, Anna
O’Connell, Colleen
O’Connor, Ann
O’Connor, John
O’Donnell, Mary
O’Donnell, Mary F.
O’Donnell, Mary Jo
O'Donnell, Robert
O’Donnell, Ronald
O’Leary, James
O’Leary, Patricia
O'Malley, Alice
O’Malley, Mary
O’Malley, Patricia
O'Neill, Mary
Oregan, Alice
O’Reilly, Helen
O'Rourke, Jane
Osgood, Doris
Osmond, Jean
Ouellette, J. Richard


Paige, Norma
Pagano, Anna
Palmeri, Frances
Panos, James
Papadakis, Eleanor
Parker, Marjorie
Parker-Williams, Effie
Pasacane, Lillian
Paskowsky, Jerush
Pasley, Lois
Paul, Flora
Pedell, Sylvia
Pelletier, Edward
Peltier, Marguerite
Perry, Barbara
Perry, Lillian
Person, Gertrude
Peterson, Harriette
Phelan, William
Phillips, Beatrice
Phinney, Bruce
Pickens, Bertha
Pickering, George
Ploski, Henry
Plouffe, John
Polar, Stasis
Poole, Marjorie
Post, Arthur
Powers, Helen
Powers, Sally
Powers, Teresa
Prien, Dorothy
Pula, Eva
Pullo, A. Ralph
Pulsifer, Josephine
Puopolo, Phyllis


Quinn, Elizabeth


Ralston, Pauline
Ramsey, Elizabeth
Ranta, Arlene
Rapoza, Dorothea
Reagan, Emilia
Reale, Irma
Reardon, Nancy
Reed, Florence
Reid, Louise
Reid, Shirley
Reinhardt, Marion
Renaud, Walter
Reynolds, Doris
Reynolds, Robert
Rice, Ruth
Rich, Gene
Rich, Mary
Richardson, Elise
Richardson, Kendall
Ricks, Beatrice
Risman, Beatrice
Roach, Clare
Robbins, Priscilla
Roberts, Regina
Robinson, Margaret
Robison, Anna
Rockey, Jr., Charles
Roddy, Catherine
Rodwell, Richard
Roht, Elizabeth
Rose, Eleanor
Rose, Mildred
Ross, Edith
Russell, Donald
Ryan, Margaret
Ryerson, Evelyn

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Sachs, Olga
Sage, William
Sander, Ruth
Sarad, Helen
Sateriale, Doris
Sayrs, Robert
Schleicher, Ruth
Schmitt, Edna
Schricker, Arthur
Schulz, Anne
Scott, Frances
Scott, Raymond
Scully, Catherine
Scully, Marguerite
Sears, Helen
Seavey, Charles
Seymour, Mary
Shanahan, Evelyn
Shannon, Anna
Shapleigh, Emma
Shaughnessy, Eleanor
Shea, Agnes
Shea, Mary
Sheehan, Dorothy
Sheehan-Pallatino, Susan
Sheerin, Mary
Shelly, Robson
Sheridan, Dorothy
Sheridan, Philip
Shickolovich, Patricia
Shields, Jean
Shoesmith, Glen
Shumate, Edward
Shyne, Margaret
Sibley, Dorothy
Silvestri, Edmund
Simpson, Eloise
Slyne, Marguerite
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Gordon
Smith, Howard
Smith, Jessie
Smith, Peter
Smith, Therese
Smith, Thomas
Soles, Geraldine
Sornborger, Nancy
Soule, Barbara
Southwick, Ruth
Spatcher, Hope
Spaulding, Katherine
Spencer, Meredith
Spita, Grace
Stanas, Margaret
Stanton, Denise
Stanton, Harriet
Stebbins, Ruth
Stephens, Charles
Stevens, Angelyn
Stevens, Catherine
Stevens, Frank
Stone, John
Strumski, Joseph
Sullivan, Christina
Sullivan, Constance
Sullivan, Edith
Sullivan, Eleanor
Sullivan, Ellen
Sullivan, Frances
Sullivan, Margaret L.
Sullivan, Margaret M.
Sullivan, Mary
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, Sr., Paul
Sullivan, Rita
Sutherland, Elizabeth
Svenson, Janet
Swan, Clara
Swanson, Madeline
Szabo, Dorothea


Tahaney, Eleanor
Tavitian, Margaret
Taylor, Robert
Terault, Cynthia
Thibault, Lillian
Thibodeau, Ivane
Thiem, Leon
Thomas, Mildred
Tilley, Anna
Tkaczek, Eleanor
Tobey, Lexie
Tocci, Elaine
Towne, Lucy
Townsend, Eleanor
Travers, Mary
Trebino, Andrew
Trinder, Robert
Trowbridge, Janette
Tsoumas, Aphrodite
Tucker, Jeannette
Tumulty, John
Tylunas, Elaine


Underhill, Margaret


Valentinetti, Thomas
Vallely, Anne
Valliere, Margaret
Van Iderstine, E. Frances
Vant, Gloria
Vattes, Arlene L.
Veague, William
Vellante, Sylvia
Viens, Madeline
Vigneault, Leo


Wade, Alice
Wales, Martha
Walker, Barbara
Walker, Gladys
Walker, Mary
Wallach, Adelle
Walsh, Mary
Walsh, Phyllis
Warburton, Alice
Ward, Jean
Warde, Joan
Ware, Rita
Warner, George
Watson, Jr., Henry
Weed, Wilma
Weeks, Bernice
Welch, Joan
Welch, Robert
Wells, Edward
West, Barbara
Wexler, Adelaide
Whelan, Rosemary
White, Geraldine
White, Helen
Whitmore, Mary
Whitney, Marjorie
Williams, Nellis
Williams, Thomas
Wilson, Eleanor
Woods, Anne
Woodworth, Eleanor
Wright, Louise
Wyeth, Betty
Wylie, Anne


Yelmokas, Wanda
York, Marion
Young, Frances


Zaido, David
Zamachaj, Edna
Zavala, Alberto
Zirpolo, Alfred

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