2012 Annual Norfolk District Attorney
Peer Leadership Awards

At the 2012 Peer Leadership award ceremony, District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey will be presenting Peer Leadership Awards to ten students from across Norfolk County, as he did at the first Peer Leadership award ceremony in 2011. In 2011, students were nominated by principals, police officers, school nurses and school administrators.  Each of the award winning students had distinguished himself or herself in ways that District Attorney Morrissey wished to encourage and support,  by making good decisions, by being considerate and respectful and by making personal sacrifices for others thereby setting a good example for their peers. District Attorney Morrissey looks forward to presenting the 2012 Peer Leadership Award to ten inspiring students this year, as well!



For more information please contact:

Jennifer Rowe (ADA)
Director, Crime Prevention Unit
Norfolk District Attorney’s Office Phone: 781.830.4918
Fax: 781.830.4801