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Marguerite T. Grant, Chair, Board of Bar Overseers (617 679-6534)
Elizabeth N. Mulvey, Chair, Search Committee (617 426-4488)

The Board of Bar Overseers announced today that Constance V. Vecchione has been appointed to the position of chief Bar Counsel. The appointment was unanimously approved by the Supreme Judicial Court. Ms. Vecchione is currently serving as acting Bar Counsel, will fill the vacancy created by the June 2006 resignation of Daniel C. Crane, who had held the position since 1999.

The Office of Bar Counsel is an independent administrative body established by the Supreme Judicial Court to investigate, evaluate and prosecute complaints of ethical violations against lawyers. Vecchione joined the office as staff counsel in 1980, and was appointed as first assistant bar counsel in 1989. She served as acting bar counsel during three previous vacancies in the office. She is a graduate of Brandeis University and Northeastern Law School.

“Ms. Vecchione’s experience and knowledge of the disciplinary system will allow her to step into the position immediately, with no learning curve,” said Marguerite T. Grant, chair of the Board of Bar Overseers. “She recognizes the need to process grievances in timely fashion without sacrificing fairness.”

Elizabeth N. Mulvey, chair of the Search Committee appointed by former Board of Bar Overseers Chair Alan D. Rose to interview candidates for the position, noted that the search committee had received glowing recommendations in response to its inquiries regarding Vecchione. “We were absolutely overwhelmed by the breadth of support for Ms. Vecchione,” she said. “From all different constituencies—staff in the office, the Board of Bar Overseers, the courts, and most importantly, lawyers who regularly represent respondents before the Board—we heard how she bends over backwards to make the process fair to everybody. She has a reputation for being willing to listen, and to work hard to reach the right result. She has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to educating lawyers and working to help them avoid further disciplinary problems.”

Grant and Mulvey both noted that the Search Committee, which included three members of the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Task Force on Lawyer Discipline, interviewed a number of outside candidates, in addition to Vecchione. “We were mindful of the proposals for change that have been made by the Massachusetts Bar Association and the American Bar Association. While we looked carefully at whether a fresh perspective might help to improve the office, in the end, the Committee was absolutely convinced that Ms. Vecchione’s experience in the office, and the widespread respect she enjoys both internally and externally, would permit her to attack these problems with the support of all participants in the process. I look forward to working with her during my term as chair,” Grant said.

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