By the Division of Banks

If you have a complaint or a question involving your rights as a consumer, contact:

Office of Consumer Affairs
Consumer Information Office
10 Park Plaza, Room 5170
Boston, MA 02116

Consumer Hotline: (617) 973-8787


Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
200 Portland Street
Boston, MA 02114

Telephone (617) 727-8400

Questions relative to inactive bank accounts and abandoned property should be directed to:

Office of the Treasurer and Receiver General
Abandoned Property Division
One Ashburton Place, 12th Floor
Boston, MA 02108

Telephone (617) 367-3900 ext. 490

Questions and complaints relative to discrimination should be directed to:

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
One Ashburton Place, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02108

Telephone (617) 727-3990

Questions relative to small business loans and counseling, contact:

U.S. Small Business Administration
Massachusetts District Office
10 Causeway Street
Boston, MA 02222-1093

Telephone (617) 565-5590