"Thank you for presenting the Project Credit Smarts curriculum to our students. The staff from our Student Financial Aid Office commented that both the content and delivery of your presentation were exceptional - I agree. We would be delighted to host additional Project Credit Smarts presentations on our campus in the future."

Daryl Hendery, Executive Assistant to the Vice President
Student Affairs, Westfield State University

"Thank you so much for setting us up with Project Credit Smarts. You and your partners have done a great job at presenting information on debt and credit to our Middlesex Community College students. This is information that our students really need and you have provided us with an informative and engaging way to get this material to our students. The feedback from our faculty has been very positive and we would like to continue working with you on this important program."

Paula Dias, Learning Engagement Specialist
Middlesex Community College

"Thank you for presenting to my three Introduction to Business classes on a rainy Friday morning. The students and I learned a number of valuable financial lessons not found in the textbook or my lectures. Thank you again."

Dr. James W. Dottin, Professor of Business
Middlesex Community College

"Educating students on how to use credit wisely and the dangers of misusing credit is an important task, and the FTC looks forward to partnering to help on this worthwhile endeavor."

Leonard L. Gordon, Director, Northeast Regional Office
Federal Trade Commission

"Being financially astute is nothing less than an essential survival tool. Financial education is very important during these challenging economic times."

Sheila Bair, Chairman
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

"Better Business Bureau is excited to be involved in Project Credit Smarts, helping students learn how to protect and build their credit history. The information that they obtain through this project can be put into action to secure their futures; just like the information that they are learning through college courses."

Paula Fleming, Vice President of Communications and Marketing
Better Business Bureau

"The lack of understanding of the proper use of credit by college students can result in unexpected credit card debt with significant adverse consequences. The program developed and promoted by Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation Undersecretary Barbara Anthony provides college students with a significant resource in understanding the use of credit and controlling the consequences of the over reliance on credit card financing during the college years."

Dan Egan, President
Massachusetts Credit Union League

"In this day of financial uncertainties, it is important for all college students to understand the importance of managing their credit cards. The misuse of these types of loans can impact a student's life for many years to come. The lessons shared by Undersecretary Barbara Anthony of the Office of Consumer Affairs will guide our students so they will avoid the abuse of credit which has been so devastating for previous generations."

Dr. Patricia Maguire Meservey, President
Salem State College

"For some students, there are what seem like insurmountable barriers to gaining access to college. This increases their vulnerability to credit card debt. We understand that it is our duty as an institution to empower women to build better futures through financial literacy. It is time to engage with others to assure that all students are financially competent and are empowered to say yes and no to the use of credit."

Gloria Nemerowicz, President
Pine Manor College