By the Division of Banks

Proposed Regulations Hearings

These hearings are being held by the Division of Banks to receive oral comments relative to the amendments to existing regulations, 209 CMR 32.00: DISCLOSURE OF CONSUMER CREDIT COSTS AND TERMS and 209 CMR 42.00: THE LICENSING OF MORTGAGE LENDERS AND MORTGAGE BROKERS; and the adoption of proposed new regulations, 209 CMR 40.00: UNFAIR AND DECEPTIVE PRACTICES IN CONSUMER TRANSACTIONS. The purpose of adopting new regulations and to amend existing regulations is to address certain abuses in the high cost mortgage lending industry. Both the new regulations, 209 CMR 40.00, and the amendments to 209 CMR 32.00 and 209 CMR 42.00 are intended to provide additional consumer protections to protect mortgage borrowers from predatory mortgage lending practices.