• General

  • Regulatory Bulletin 4.1-101 Loans & Fees to Directors and Senior Management Employees

    Repealed March 29, 2013 and consolidated into Bulletin 2.1-102 Insider Transactions.

  • Regulatory Bulletin 4.1-102 Investment in Foreign Government Bonds

    Repealed March 29, 2013.

    Massachusetts General Laws chapter 171, section 67(s) expressly authorizes credit unions to invest in "...bonds of governments or countries friendly to the United States as defined by the United States Department of State."

    The Division has determined that the United States Department of State (State Department) does not formally designate or identify governments or countries as "friendly" to the United States.  However, the State Department does identify governments or countries which have diplomatic relations with the United States.  For a list of these countries, refer to the Fact Sheet entitled "Independent States in the World," which is located at www.state.gov/s/inr/rls/4250.htm.

  • Regulatory Bulletin 4.1-103 Fidelity Bond Coverage Requirements

    Repealed March 29, 2013.  However, all credit unions must adhere to federal minimum fidelity bond coverage requirements.

  • Regulatory Bulletin 4.1-104 Amending By-Laws in Regard to Credit Union Membership

    5/8/12 **
  • Risk Management

  • Regulatory Bulletin 4.2-101 Loan Loss Reserve Requirements

    Repealed October 2, 2012**

  • Regulatory Bulletin 4.2-102 Minimum Regulatory Capital Standards

    Repealed March 29, 2013.  However, all credit unions must adhere to federal capital requirements.

  • Regulatory Bulletin 4.2-103 Residential Mortgage Loan Underwriting

    Repealed March 29, 2013.

  • Regulatory Bulletin 4.3-101 Adjustable Rate Personal Loans

    Repealed May 11, 2012**

  • Consumer Protection

  • Key to star designations

    * Designates a new bulletin.
    ** Designates a substantially revised bulletin.