January 7, 2014


In accordance with the General Laws of Massachusetts, an annual report of the credit union must be made to the Commissioner of Banks as of the year ending December 31, 2013.

Please access the Division of Banks' website at www.mass.gov/dob, and simply confirm to this office in writing whether the information pertaining to your institution is correct. Look for the News and Update section on the home page, click on 2013 DIS Annual Report Now Available, then under 2013 Annual Report to the Commissioner of Banks, click Find Banks & Credit Unions. Specifically, confirm the accuracy of the following:

  1. the location of the main office and branches;
  2. the listing of the Board of Directors;
  3. the listing of operating officers; and
  4. the listing of consumer contact personnel

Additionally, complete and mail to the Division along with confirmation of the above, by February 1, 2014, the following forms:

  1. BLR Form doc format of BLR form
: Loans to Officers and Directors or Trustees
  2. Schedule N doc format of Schedule N
: Subsidiary/CUSO Activities
  3. Attestation Form doc format of Attestation/Signature
: Director attestation and signature page. In an effort to transition to electronic communication, please note the additional information required on this form.

Questions concerning forms and schedules should be addressed to Chief Director Andrea Cipolla at 617-956-1532 or andrea.cipolla@state.ma.us.


David J. Cotney
Commissioner of Banks