By the Division of Banks

Mobile Branch Offices

Mobile branch banking by a state-chartered bank is authorized in the county where the main office of the bank is located with approval and under such conditions as the Commissioner of Banks may impose pursuant to Mass. Gen. Laws chapter 167C, § 6. The Commissioner has established certain conditions which will likely be imposed at any mobile branch office. See Opinion # 97-134.

A related issue to mobile branch banking is the operation of an independent courier service. Under this alternative, a bank would contract with a third party for the purpose of collecting deposits from customers at locations other than bank branch offices. State-chartered banks are permitted to engage in any activity or power permissible for a national bank in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Commissioner pursuant to Mass. Gen. Laws chapter 167F, § 2(31). State-chartered banks are authorized to operate a courier service without regard to branching limitations with approval by the Commissioner under 209 CMR 47.00 et seq., implementing the parity with national banks statute.