By the Division of Banks

The following companies' applications to renew their licenses were denied and are no longer authorized to conduct business as mortgage brokers:



Home Financing Centers, Inc.MB0627
MCM Financial Consultants, Inc.MB1865

The following companies did not submit applications to renew their licenses and are no longer authorized to conduct business as mortgage lenders or as mortgage brokers:



Aaction Mortgage CorporationMB0903
America's Cashline Corp.ML1326
Ameristone Mortgage CorporationML0015, MB0006
D & M Mortgage Services, Inc.MB1224
DNTA Mortgage CorporationMB1944
F & M Mortgage Services, Inc.ML1469, Inc.MB1770
Landmark Financial Group, LLCMB1784
Landmark Financial Services, Inc. d/b/a Landmark MortgageML1227, MB1726
Lyman Mortgage Group, Inc. d/b/a Metrowest Mortgage ConsultantsMB1001
Metropolitan Home Mortgage Corporation of New YorkML0959
Microsoft Homeadvisors, LLCMB1510
National Lenders, Inc.MB1890
Pacific Mortgage & Investment CompanyML1087, MB1578
Robert A. Howell d/b/a Howell Mortgage CompanyMB1822
Roslyn National Mortgage CorporationML0909
Smith Reynolds Financial Services, Inc.MB1763
William B. McMillan, Jr. d/b/a Dartmouth Mortgage CapitalMB1393

The following companies have either surrendered their licenses or have notified the Division of Banks, in writing, that they did not intend to renew their licenses and have certified that they are no longer conducting residential mortgage operations or exempt from licensing as a mortgage lender or as a mortgage broker under the provisions of M.G.L c. 255E, §2:



AAA Southern New England Mortgage CorporationMB2064, MB2065, MB2066, MB2067, MB2068, MB2069, MB2070, MB2071, MB2072, MB2073, MB2074, MB2075
Americorp Credit CorporationML1314
Appleton Mortgage CorporationMB1801
Associates First Capital Mortgage CorporationML0210
Bankers First Mortgage Co., Inc. d/b/a Nations MortgageML0962
Bann-cor Mortgage CorporationML1348
Barrister Mortgage, LLCML1329
Capital Resources, Inc. d/b/a CRI Mortgage Co.MB1234
Charles M. Arrison d/b/a Clarion Mortgage AssociatesMB0484
CitiFinancial Mortgage CompanyML1437, ML1438, ML1439, ML1440, ML1441
Diversified Mortgage Company, Inc. d/b/a Diverseamerican Mortgage CompanyML0189
Donna Duncan Humphreys d/b/a Duncan Financial GroupMB0478
First Financial, Inc.ML0021, ML0691, ML0793, ML1331, ML1372, ML1373, MB1526, MB1527, MB1528, MB1827, MB1870, MB1871
First National Funding Corporation of AmericaML1272
Fortune Financial Mortgage CorporationMB0034
Frank J. Gorman, Sr.MB1833
FTM Mortgage CompanyML1115
Homeowners Assistance Corp.ML0788
Ideal Financial Services, Inc.ML1619, MB2054
LoansDirect, Inc.ML1383
Martin Family Enterprises, Inc.MB0374
MBNA Consumer Services, Inc.ML1452
MNB Financial Services, Inc. d/b/a REALTEC MortgageMB1855
Mortgage Information Services, Inc.MB0641
Mortgage Investors Corporation d/b/a Amerigroup Mortgage Co.ML1234
National Home Loan CorporationML1108
Nicholas J. Barta d/b/a Vintage Mortgage CompanyMB1721, Inc.ML1311
Pacific Shore FundingML1030
Republic Banc Mortgage CorporationML0627
Residential Funding CorporationML1445, ML1446
Resource One, Inc. d/b/a The Mortgage FactoryML0974
RMC Acquisition CorporationML1378
Seacoast Equities, Inc.ML0889, MB1338
Sunstate Mortgage, Inc. d/b/a Sun America MortgageML1225, ML1489
Transamerica Mortgage CompanyML0808
Unity Mortgage Corp. d/b/a The Reverse Mortgage CompanyML1094

Consumers need to know that they may be dealing with companies who are unlicensed and are not authorized to act as a mortgage lender or mortgage broker. In addition, it is also an unfair and deceptive act for a licensed mortgage lender or mortgage broker to conduct business with a person or company which is not licensed.

Consumers who encounter problems during the mortgage process can call the Division of Banks for assistance. Anyone wishing to verify the licensing status of a mortgage lender or mortgage broker can call the Division of Banks' Consumer Hotline at (800) 495-BANK (2265) extension 1501. Consumers can also inquire as to whether there are any complaints outstanding against a licensed mortgage lender or mortgage broker.

Any information which a consumer may have relative to potential unlicensed activities should be brought to the attention of:

Division of Banks
Consumer Compliance Unit
One South Station
Boston, MA 02110
(800) 495-BANK (2265) extension 540.

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