Under Massachusetts law, a consumer may choose either a formal or informal procedure to resolve a slamming complaint. The formal procedure is explained in full in a separate information sheet.

Under the informal procedure, the consumer and the company that initiated the change may negotiate mutually acceptable terms to resolve the complaint. The company cannot be subject to a fine under the informal resolution process. If you select the informal procedure, the company which initiated the change of your service will contact you directly. If you have not been contacted by the company within 30 days from the date you return your complaint form to the Department, please call the Consumer Division so that we may follow up with the company and assure that they process your complaint in a timely manner.

The terms of the agreement must be signed by both parties and filed with the Consumer Division of the Department. If mutually acceptable terms are not submitted within 90 days from the consumer's election of the informal procedure, or if the Department determines that the filed, negotiated resolution is unacceptable, the complaint will be processed under the formal procedure.