• About the Patrick-Murray Foreclosure Prevention Initiatives

    As part of the Patrick-Murray Administration's comprehensive response to the growing number of foreclosures in Massachusetts, the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation has implemented a number of initiatives with the goal of keeping homeowners in their homes. These efforts have included hosting several foreclosure prevention workshops for struggling homeowners throughout the Commonwealth. The workshops helped to connect lenders with approximately 3,750 homeowners in the Fitchburg, Springfield, Brockton, Worcester, Lawrence, Revere, Lowell, Boston and Marlborough regions of the state. Those who attended were able to meet one-on-one with their lenders and housing counselors to discuss loan modifications and other options to avoid unnecessary foreclosure. Now hundreds of homeowners can breathe a sigh of a relief and find comfort knowing they are not alone and that solutions are possible. For more individual stories, please see the links to local media coverage below.

    Please visit www.mass.gov/foreclosure for workshop updates and additional information on foreclosure prevention.
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