• Foreclosure Assistance by Town xls format of Foreclosure Assistance by Town

    The Patrick Administration's Department of Housing and Community Development has identified and contacted housing agencies from across the Commonwealth that help homeowners with foreclosure counseling and provide first-time homeownership guidance and down-payment assistance.

  • 5-point Foreclosure Prevention Plan

    In October, Governor Patrick traveled to Lawrence to unveil the Patrick administration's Five Point Foreclosure Prevention Plan. The initiative is designed to keep people in their homes and to protect communities from the public safety and economic consequences that often accompany a concentration of foreclosures.

    The five-point plan consists of targeted neighborhood stabilization pilot programs in cities with the state's highest incidences of foreclosures: Lawrence, Boston, Brockton, New Bedford, Springfield and Worcester. The state's Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) will work with lenders, non-profits and city officials to reclaim pre-foreclosure and foreclosed properties in those communities. The properties will be transferred to qualifying first-time homebuyers or to non-profits with the goal of returning them to fully-occupied status as quickly as possible.
  • Regional Foreclosure Education Centers pdf format of Regional Foreclosure Education Centers

    Map of foreclosure prevention counseling services by town